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Renewal is not your typical “sit and listen" women's conference. Instead, it's an invitation to join together, as women, and do what Jesus did. We desire to experience the Father in real life; in love, marriages, friendships, and hardship. Learning to connect with Him as we raise our children, work our jobs, talk with our neighbors and even pursue our dreams will change the world around us. The Gospel is an every day, all consuming gift of grace, enabling us to recognize and respond to the voice of our Father who deeply loves and pursues us. Our desire is to send women out, not only having heard about Jesus, but having participated in the things of Jesus and been renewed by the Spirit of Jesus. At Renewal we laugh loud, listen well, serve hard and love extravagantly. From breakout classes, prayer experiences, ropes courses, outreaches to large group teaching and home cooked meals, there's sure to be something for you at Renewal. To find out more information please visit our website at  


Renewal Women

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