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I'm Kristan Dooley, Bible teacher, author, discipleship coach, pastor, leader of Renewal Women. 

I create resources and provide coaching that will help you dig deeper in your God given identity and live more fully in His Kingdom. 

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What people are saying....

"Kristan has mined the Scriptures for biblical truth that transforms our relationships. I am grateful she has combined her storytelling style with biblical scholarship to simplify complex thinking into manageable lessons. I welcome the invitation off the beaten path..."


- Beth Guckenberger, author, speaker, Founder/Director Back2Back Ministries 

"Kristan has a fresh, raw, and vulnerable way of teaching God's Word. She weaves real-life stories with relevant scriptures in a way that keeps listeners engaged and motivated to take action on truth. You will come away from Kristan's teaching with fuel doused on the Holy Spirit's Fire within you."

Lindsey Feldpausch, Ministry Manager for Proverbs 31 Author & Speaker Karen Ehman, Social media manager for The Glorious Table and contributor at

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