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Hi! I'm Kristan 

When I was sixteen, I drove my car to the car wash for the first time. I rolled down the window, told the man in front of me my desired wash, then I pulled forward till my car tires clicked onto the line. Moments later I stood at the register telling the cashier my dad's name and signing a slip of paper. I then walked out the door, not paying for a thing.  It was what I had seen done a million times by my family.  For years, mom and dad did the exact same thing. They never paid for car washes and I assumed, as their daughter, I had the same privilege. I was born with a Kingdom mindset. In the purest form, I was created for and ready to, receive an inheritance. Nevermind that my dad paid for all those car washes at the end of each year. Just focus in on the mindset with me. 

The more convinced I become of my daughter-ship with the Almighty King, the more capable I am of walking in the abundance of His Kingdom. My daddy owns the cattle on a thousand hills and I just happen to be one of His favorites. Here's what you have to hear: SO ARE YOU! He is a good Father and there is enough abundance to go around. I want nothing more than to spend my life convincing people how much their daddy loves them and how far He will go for them. I do that in multiple ways; teaching, writing, discipleship, pastoring, and anything else He brings in front of me. 

I live with my family (husband, Dave and girls, Ella and Addilyn) in Liberty Township, Ohio. We've been in ministry for fifteen years. We served in my hometown church, a large Cincinnati Church, out of an old firehouse on the broken streets of Hamilton and three years ago we launched Anthem House Church with a group of our very best friends. Jesus was alive and active in all of them, but with each transition, it only got better.  Writing and teaching are my passion, but living in and creating community is my calling and as a pastor at AHC I get to do that often.

 I wrote and published my first book and coinciding workbook in 2015/2016, "Bigger, Rebuilding the Broken." It focuses on the book of Nehemiah and God's story of redemption. Nehemiah has become my story of hope because our God is not the Redeemer of all things fixed, He is the Redeemer of all things broken.  And when we are at the end of ourselves, unable to discern which way to turn, we are only ever at the beginning of Him. Our mess doesn't scare Him.

I am currently working on publishing my second book, "Left Turns, Following Jesus off the Beaten Path." It's set to come out in Summer of 2020 and is the story of my discipleship. Jesus often invites us to turn left and following Him onto the side streets and through the back alleys. It's on these unpaved road we really discover the Father and His goodness. These are the places we get to know Him in a way that is personal and palpable. I can't wait for you to read it! 

I don't know where you are in your journey but I would love to hear from you! 


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