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Cactus Plant

About Left Turns

In this powerful new book, Kristan shares the compelling story of her own journey into the unexpected, learning to slow and turn left to follow Jesus off the beaten path and into the unknown. Here she opens the way to discipleship, challenging, and encouraging us to grow and heal as we learn to trust the goodness of God. Wherever you are on the road of life, you'll find help here to travel to a new place with Jesus.

Susan Carson, author and director of Roots and Branches

About Bigger 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has hit a point where they, or someone they know has had the breath knocked out of them. Where their life "seems" to be broken. It is at that point where things can begin...where HE gives the air, breath, wind, and courage, YES... Courage...that is needed to LIVE BIGGER!

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