"We used BIGGER for bible study this past summer. Kristan's writing style is conversational and her emotions and experiences feel authentic – I felt like she genuinely wants to share these things with us because they were such a big thing for her. I admire her willingness to be honest about her doubts and (her perceived) weaknesses. We had a lot of really good discussion around this study and it was definitely worth the price."


Kristan's book is hard to put down. It is insightful, challenging and deep. The way she weaves scripture throughout adds another dimension to this thought provoking book. She is frank about what God's Word says and how that should translate in our lives as we live out His plan for us as his followers. Prepare to go toe to toe with God Almighty as Kristan shares what He has said to her and she in turn shares with us! You will not put this book down without first being changed!


Crystal Colp, Discipleship Pastor 

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