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Bigger represents land we have yet to conquer. It brings on a new understanding of God and the power He holds. It offers deeper intimacy and a supernatural ability to trust what we do not know to the Almighty. Bigger is abundance. It’s more of Him, more freedom, more identity, more authority, and more power.


Whether he knew it or not, Nehemiah walked this process. He journeyed from brokenness to bigger. He cried hard, prayed hard, worked hard, and in the end he experienced more of God than he ever thought possible. This Bible study is an invitation for you to walk with me from brokenness to bigger. No matter how deep or how shallow the place we start, God always has more in store for us. Too many times we place a Band-Aid over what’s broken as a way to avoid pain. Problem is, we were never meant to live with Band-Aids. We were meant to live in wholeness, healing and healing. Because of Band-Aids we have become a culture of settlers. We settle down in the small, when, with a little work, bigger is right on the other side.


Can you hear Him calling? He has more for you. He never intended for you to sit in this. He never imagined you would make a home here. Those Band-Aids are ineffective. They will not do for you what He will. Will you take if off? Will you let the wall fall down? Will you trust His plans to rebuild? He’s calling you to bigger. Let your journey there start today.

Bigger: The Workbook Study of Nehemiah

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