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Dreaming bigger...

Once we begin to see how big God really is, we can’t help but dream bigger. Living with dreams we can achieve on our own speak of a small God. Reality is, we have the attention of the Almighty God. He spoke the universe into being and can certainly handle any dreams we fear might be just out of our personal reach.

If Ephesians 3:20, “He is able to do more than we ever asked or imagined possible,” is really true (which in case you are wondering, it is), then think of the biggest thing God could do in you, in your situation, in your relationship, in your future and believe He will and wants to do even more than that. He is ready. He is willing, all we have to do is get out of the way.

Everything looks different when you resign yourself to a life of bigger. I am addicted to God’s rebuilding process. Learning how perfectly He works in our brokenness enables me to look at shattered pieces differently. Watching Him rebuild the brokenness of those around me, entices me to back off and allow Him the space to do the impossible in my friends and family. Experiencing more of Him on behalf of the broken in my life, has helped me surrender quicker. Also bringing me to the end of myself more quickly. My battle to have it all together is waning and the desire to hand my daily mess over to Him continues to grow.

He just does it so much better.

Have you realized yet that God cares more about us than we care about us? He does. He cares more about our hearts, more about our lives, more about our hopes. He cares more about your marriage, more about your children, more about you pain. There is not anyone who cares more.

I don’t know how you’ve met Him in your brokenness, but I’m sure He’s blown your mind. He is so good with the hurting. So gentle and tender with our pain. He is patient, giving us piece by piece, only what we can carry, so as not to overwhelm our souls. He walks beside us, steadies our feet and lifts up our arms when we are too tired. He loves talking with us through rebuilding. With each broken piece there is a story. With each story there is a redemption. With each piece of redemption, we receive more healing.

Sometimes God heals in an instant, and other times He moves much slower. Either way, He values every second He has with us. He is all about relationship, intimacy, connection. He highly values uninterrupted time together. There is extreme depth when our faith is built on the miracle of His daily presence. Some of my favorite stories are stories about the unexpected. I so value the miles woven in and out, up and down, as the Father and I have ventured to new places.

I hope your future looks brighter. I hope the way you know Jesus is different. I pray He has shown you your surrender is worth it. I believe in bigger. I believe in His redemption. I believe in His promises. I know He changes everything. Thanks for journeying into hard places with me. For asking hard questions and actually listening to His answers. Thanks for pushing through and digging in. For letting Him go deeper than He may have ever gone. Thanks for doing the work, in the secret place. Lifting hard weights and trusting in the spiritual muscle mass He promised to develop. Thanks for pulling up your ladder and starting the work of rebuilding.

Because there is not time limit to how the Father will work in and through us, I’m not sure where I will leave you off in this journey. But I am sure He is there with you. You know Him and you have what you need to venture forward. Don’t stop. Stay near to Him and yield to the work He is doing. You won’t be sorry. He will never leave you. Never forsake you. Never fail you. He is a Big God, way bigger than we are even capable of fathoming. His plans are abundantly fruitful and His promises are go deep. Believe Him. Believe in Him. Believe Him for more. Believe Him in times of less. Believe Him when it’s easy. Believe Him when it’s hard. Don’t fear the enemy. Don’t fear what he might do to you. Don’t fear those unknown places. What do we have to lose when brokenness always leads to bigger?

Here’s to never settling.

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